On May 23, the Kyiv ‘Ukraine’ Palace hosted a big solo concert of Jamala, winner of the 2016 Eurovision. Kyiv is not the first place of the Ukrainian star’s concert tour: Jamala has already visited Ternopil (May 20) and Lviv (May 21). After her performance in Ukraine’s capital, she is going to Kharkiv.

The singer's concert program is based on the ‘Podih’ Album (2015), as well as popular songs from ‘Dyakuyu’ EP, ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘For Every Heart’ Albums. The audiences have an opportunity to enjoy the ‘1944’ composition with which Jamala won the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Before the performance in Kyiv, Jamala held a short press briefing, responding to some of the most interesting questions of Ukrainian journalists. She was asked about the concert program details, about how many times the winner of the Eurovision is ready to perform the "1944"song and whether she is planning a world tour. 

In particular, Jamala shared a little secret with reporters. According to her, the tickets for her concerts in Ukraine will be sold at reasonable prices in the near future. At least, the discussion and search for sponsors are already underway.

Besides Ukraine, a lot of invitations she received from other countries. In particular, Jamala is planning a concert tour in the Turkish Republic. Indeed, thanks to her, the Turkic language has sounded loudly for the first time not only in the song contest, but also all over the world. It is a great honor for Jamala that the Turkish President congratulated her on the victory.

Speaking of the 2017 Eurovision, which is to take place in Ukraine, Jamala remembered the year 2012, when Ukraine jointly with Poland hosted the Euro:

“We deserve to have our people once again feel the joy. When we welcome guests, we always want to look as good as possible. It's a similar feeling. When we host people from around the world, we will try to look better.

During the briefing, Jamala mentioned her parents in Crimea, who received plenty of congratulations after her victory. With a little bit of sadness, she added she cannot visit them so far. But she is looking for their visit.

Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar descent Jamala took the first place at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. She scored victory due to viewers’ votes, ousting the Australian contestant from the first place, who confidently had taken the lead before. Australia and Russia were in second and third place respectively.

President Petro Poroshenko awarded Jamala the title ‘Merited Artist of Ukraine’ on May 16.