In August, Jamala, a Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar descent, is expected to visit the Ukrainian town of Lutsk for the 10th Bandershtadt-2016 music festival.

It was reported earlier that Jamala’s new album ‘Podykh’ (‘Exhale’) came out last October. Featuring a total of 12 songs, including ‘With One’s Own Eyes’, ‘Exhale’ and ‘Confused’, the album was released by Enjoy Records studio, a publisher of such Ukrainian pop artists as ONUKA, The Maneken, Pianoboy, Bahroma, K.A.T.Y.A, Pur Pur and Peter And The Wolves.

On May 14, Jamala beat her Australian rival in the Eurovision-2016 final by winning the popular vote, Australia and Russia coming in second and third respectively.

Featuring popular bands like the Braty Hadjukiny, Tartak, Brutto, O.Torvald, Haydamaky, Antitіla, Rollіks, Fіolet, Zhadan and Dogs, VEREMIY, Karna, Morphine Suffering, Anna, Epolets, Stoned Jesus, Arlett, Freedom bands, the festival will be held on ten sites, including the main stage, urban stage, acoustic night scene, discussion room, reading room, Bander Food Fest, and Bander Night Cimema. There will also be sporting events, a children's playground, a fair, workshops and other events.