Casting notice for the role of Mustafa Dzhemilev reads: we need a thin man aged 25-35 years. Send your resumes to until Dec. 17. Applicants need to include a stage experience, occupation, location, height and send photos and videos.

- The question is not that it should be a professional actor, but he ought to fit a physical type, resembling Dzhemilev. On the other hand, we understand that he needs to play the reconstruction scenes with a sense and character characteristic of an intellectual rebel. So this man either should not have pliant nature, or he should be able to play necessary emotions. In total, we have to recreate seven historical scenes, said Tamila Tasheva.

She explained that the filmmakers are tied to time in selecting the actor.

- We are going to present the film in April 2016, so we want to complete the shots late January that we have two months for installation and post-production, explained Tasheva.