KEZLEV/YEVPATORIA (QHA) - The oldest Crimean Tatar folk ensemble – Haytarma will celebrate the 75th Anniversary next year. The Art Director of the Haytarma, People’s Artist of Tajikistan Remziye Baqqal-Tarsin told about this to QHA.
“We are preparing the new original programme. Except this preparation, we give concerts in towns and villages. We show the Crimean Tatars’ culture to foreigners who come to have a rest to Kezlev (Yevpatoria) and other resorts of Crimea. We are preparing a vocal and choreographic performance “Hansaraynıñ Sedası” at the present time”, - Ms. R. Baqqal-Tarsin told.
Telling about their troupe, Ms. Baqqal stressed: “Our troupe excels own youth and colour. It works double tides, tries so that our shows will be interesting for everybody. They try not to lose our national flavour. It is very important to preserve the folk art in any case. Our people is very talented. The audience likes our shows, especially foreigners. They admire our songs and dances”.
Note: the ensemble was founded in 1939. Its activity was stopped by the Deportation of the Crimean Tatar nation in 1944. It was revived in the exile, in Tashkent in 1957. In 1992 the Haytarma returned to Crimea and joined to the Crimean public philharmonic society. The ensemble is working in Kezlev/Yevpatoria since 1993.
The repertoire of the Haytarma is very rich: it consists of the Crimean Tatar folk compositions, choreographic compositions, suites, solos, instrumental and dancing numbers, etc.