Official preview
of the first Crimean Tatar feature film “Haytarma” in the Ukraine’s history
that devoted to the legendary Crimean Tatar pilot, Twice Hero of the Soviet
Union Amethan Sultan has appeared.

It would be
recollected that known Crimean Tatar actor and director Ahtem Seytabla is the
director of this movie that is produced by the Crimean Tatar ATR Channel.

Events of the
World War II are as the background for the movie’s plot. By the idea of the
creators, the film reveals the tragedy of the Crimean Tatar nation: the 1944 Deportation.
The main character is the Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Amethan Sultan performed
by the director Ahtem Seytabla. To the director’s confession, this film is his
long dream that came true. “The scratch of the movie is Haytarma that is “Return”
in Crimean Tatar. In addition, it is the name of the main Crimean Tatar dance. It
is the pair dance that has repeats – “rondo”. Such name is a meaning in a
condensed form for me. They say, not only the bad but the good comes back”, -
the director tells.

Release of the
movie is planned to May 18, 2013: on the Commemoration Day for 1944 Deportation