AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Demonstration of the first Crimean Tatar film “Haytarma” creates quite a stir in Aqmescit, Sehodnia reported.
According to the chief accountant of the Kosmos Cinema Ms. Tamara, the cinema is full on any day at all viewings: “We have not had anything like this! We thought fırstly two shows a day would be enough, then we added one more. And now there are four shows a day! About 6 thousands people saw the film for the first week of the demonstration in Aqmescit. At the present, no less one thousand viewers come to see the film a day”.
This film stirs deep and sincere emotions among viewers: women were weeping; men did not hold back a tear. The Crimean Tatars felt episodes of tragic events of the 1944 the Deportation keenly again.
It would be recalled that this film narrates about the legendary Crimean Tatar pilot, Twice Hero of the USSR Amethan Sultan who became as unwitting eyewitness of the Deportation of his parents on 18 May of 1944.