AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - First Crimean Tatar feature film “Haytarma” in the history of the independent Ukraine is the film about the Crimean Tatars and for the Crimean Tatars. This is told by the General Producer of the film Lenur İslâm in his press conference on the premiere screening of the Haytarma film.
“We want to develop and we do not want to develop without our roots. We want to live on these roots. In the first place, this is the film for the Crimean Tatars themselves, just for us. This is our mirror. Recognize themselves”, - Mr. L. İslâm told.
According to organizers, many guests are invited to the premier screening.
“Many pilots, pilots-cosmonauts, thrice heroes of the Soviet Union who remember Amethan Sultan will come from Russia. The granddaughter of Amethan Sultan will come. Ambassadors of several states will come”, Mr. L. İslâm shared.
As noted, the most expensive item of expenses was to create the scenery and the historical costumes. More than 1000 people participated in the mass episodes. There were mostly old people who suffered the tragic night of May 18 of 1944.
Funds to shoot the Haytarma were allocated by the owner of the ATR Channel Lenur İslâm. The shooting was conducting in Alupka, Bağçasaray raion and Suvdağ. The director of the film is Ahtem Seytabla, the director of photography ıs Volodymyr Kudriavtsev and the production designer is Şevket Seydahmet. The film duration is 87 minutes: the full-length film.
Note: the Haytarma narrates about the legendary Crimean Tatar pilot, Twice Hero of the USSR Amethan Sultan. Famous fighter pilot became as the unwitting accomplice of the tragedy of the Crimean Tatar people: the 1944 Deportation.