After moving to Kyiv, the Crimean Tatar ATR TV Channel started filming a historical TV project called "Golden Age. The relationship between Crimean Khanate and Zaporozhian Sich."

Gulnara Abdula, an author of an idea to create a historical TV project about the relationship between Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, confirmed the cast of the future picture has been formed and the shooting has already started. The QHA team found a film crew working on the scenery.

According to the project mastermind Gulnara Abdula, the chief purpose is to help Ukrainians learn more about the Crimean Tatar culture, as well as our common history since during a long time of living together it is only now that two nations start getting to know each other.

"Golden Age. The relationship between Crimean Khanate and Zaporozhian Sich" will show a different story, not similar to the Soviet propaganda, according to which the Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars only fought each other.

Ukrainians willingly responded to a casting call. In an interview with a QHA newsman, Gulnara Abdula told about a huge number of letters and messages sent to those wishing to take part in the project.

A director of the "Golden Age" Eider Yagyaev nostalgically recalled the shootings in Crimea and voiced a hope that soon all the crew would be able to return home and continue the shooting already there.

Eider Yagyaev shared his plans and told the story would recall Bohdan Khmelnytsky with four episodes dedicated to him. The QHA News Agency is looking forward to the release of the project in order to learn new facts about the history of Ukrainian-Crimea Tatar relations.

Oleh Shevchenko