Erfan Kudusov, the owner of SandIQ art saloon, told QHA that of all the artists, whose works are sold by SandIQ, only two - Rustem Skibin and Leniye Busurmanka - work in Kiev.

“The bulk of the souvenirs get smuggled out of Crimea. Our friends take them to mainland Ukraine in bags with their possessions,” said Kudusov.

According to Kudusov, big plates by Edem Ganiyev, pictures drawn on glass by Zera Ablyazisova and ceramic products by Mamud Churlu ended up in SandIQ that way.

“30 to 40% of our customers come from Europe and the US. Our souvenirs get given to foreign diplomats and Ukrainian officials as presents. In fact, SandIQ art saloon is Kiev, Ukraine and world’s only, excluding, of course, occupied Crimea, souvenir shop selling souvenirs made by Crimean Tatar artists,” said Kudusov.