KYIV (QHA) - Focus magazine proposes to get to know where it can familiarize with the culture of one of the most ancient people in Crimea within framework of its special project “New Crimea. Unknown corners of known peninsula”.

The Khan Palace
This is Crimean Tatar main attraction on the peninsula. The Palace was built as the patrimonial residence of the Gerays dynasty. It was the centre of the political and cultural life of the Crimean state in 1532-1783.

The El-Çeber Ceramics Studio
The workshop of the known Crimean Tatar potter Rüstem Skibin who implements the ancient traditions of his nation in sculptures, vases, plates decorated by the traditional patterns.

The Kebir Cami Mosque
This is oldest building in Simferopol/Aqmescit that gave the first Crimean Tatar name – Aqmescit (White Mosque) to the city. The mosque was built by the Mengli Geray Khan in 1508.

The Crimean Tatar Music and Drama Theatre
This is a single Crimean Tatars’ theatre in the world, traditions of that originate in performances at the court of the Crimean khans in XIV-XV centuries.

The Crimean Tatar Arts Museum
On the base of the museum collection are works of the Crimean Tatar artists selected in the first all-USSR exhibition in 1990. The museum conducts often exhibitions of the music history, literature and decorative and applied arts.

The Usta Workshop
It is the workshop of the Crimean Tatar known jeweller Hayder Hasan who is the winner of several international exhibitions. Visitors can not only watch over work of craftsmen but they can take a shot at the filigree.

The La Richesse Museum
It is the private museum of the French lawyer Guliver Altin was opened on the base of the Devlet Saray – the complex of the ancient buildings of the XVI century. The museum has artifacts of the Crimean Khanate as well as works of the modern Crimean Tatar artists.

The Museum-House of İsmail Gaspralı
İsmail Gaspralı is the Crimean Tatar public figure known in the whole Turkic world. The educational movement of nations of the Islamic East is closely associated with him. The museum is situated at the editorial office of the Terciman newspaper published by İsmail Gaspralı.

The Cuma Cami Mosque
The biggest and majestic mosque in Crimea was laid in Kezlev in 1552. It was built by the design of the most known architect of the Ottoman Empire Hoca Sinan.

The Odun Bazar Qapusı centre
The Odun Bazar Qapusı centre (Gate of Wood Bazaar) was the main gate of the fortress of the medieval Kezlev. The cultural centre with the ethnographic museum, Kezlev Qavesi coffee house and the Ceval ethnic restaurant is here now.

The Old Crimea restaurant in the Kiparysne village
This restaurant is stylized as the khan palace: carpets, bright stained-glass windows. Its menu consists of the Crimean Tatar dishes.

The NGO Sabır
It can familiarize with the Crimean Tatar culture not only in Crimea but in Kyiv too. The NGO acting in the capital conducts the courses of the Crimean Tatar dances and language for all comers.