“Autumn Inspiration” exhibition of Crimean Tatar folk embroidery opened in All-Ukrainian Informative and Cultural Center in Simferopol, Sept 30.

It displays works made in different technics of Crimean Tatar embroidery by craftsmen and pupils of “Evdzhiyar” creative association. Among the displays there are pictures, the Koran cases, head wears (the fes), bags, and other items.

According to one of the organizers, chief of exhibition hall of the Center Elmira Cherkezova, the exhibition presents works from all over Crimea.

“The exhibition displays plenty of pictures. We have an opportunity to get a great aesthetic pleasure, decorating our houses with such wonderful items. A panel made by the ornament of well-known Crimean Tatar master Amet Kalafatov is also presented here - she said. We [Crimean Tatars] have made a lot since our return to Crimea, and this exhibition proves it”- she added.

The "Autumn Inspiration" will be displayed till Oct 30.