Evpatoria (QHA) -

During the international festival of Crimean Tatar and Turkic cultures ‘Gezlev kapusi’ in Evpatoria, the largest in the country women’s headdress of Turkic people -fesca, will be presented, informs press service of Evpatoria city council.

Thus, another 15th record of Ukraine will be noted.

Fesca was sewn by a master embroiderer Galia Gavrilenko. The circumference of fesca is about 1.5 meters; its height is 21 cm. It is made from red velvet and decorated by traditional Crimean Tatar gold thread embroidery and beads. Even though it is several times bigger than the ordinary fesca, it is made observing all parameters of the regular headdress. It took the master 2,5 months to make it.

Presentation of fesca will take place on August 16 at the site near the city gates “Odun-Bazar Kapusi”. Then, it will be taken to the cultural and ethnographic center “Takiye-dervish”, where it will be placed for exposition.

To be noted, X International festival of Crimean Tatar and Turkic cultures ‘Gezlev kapusi’ will take place on August 15-18. As part of the event, there will be a Kuresh wrestling tournament, an exhibition of fine and decorative art and a grand gala concert.