BAĞÇASARAY/BAKHCHISARAI (QHA) - Bağçasaray historical and cultural reserve proposes the new thematic excursion at the evening Khan Palace: “Bağçasaray. History close by”, according to the site of the Crimea’s Reserves and Museums Association.
A small cup of aromatic coffee will be proposed to visitors. They will visit the most shadowed corners of the palace. Guests will get to know about the Geray Dynasty, khans-builders of the palace, inhabitants of the harem, eduction of children, traditions and customs of the Crimean Tatars, etc.
A story will be accompanied by installation of the actors of the Crimean Tatar folk ensemble “Qırım”. Guests will be familiarized with the culture of the Crimean Tatars: songs and dances, ancient poetry – the Khan’s ghazals. Sounds of the folk melodies performed by ancient music instruments will be accompanied them during their excursion at the palace.