Director and the leading man of the first Crimean Tatar movie ‘Haytarma’ Ahtem Seytablayev claimed he stopped further cooperation with the general producer of the movie –Lenur Islyamov.  The reason for such a decision is the refusal of Mr. Islyamov to present the movie at various film festivals, informs Center for Journalists Investigations.     

According to Mr. Seytablayev the movie could have been more successful in cinemas if the producer let it participate in festivals.  He also informed that there were 16 proposals for participation in festivals, including the one in Odessa, but they were all turned down by the producer. 

The only festival, which ‘Haytarma’ will go to is the International movie festival of Muslim films in Kazan, Russia. 

“It could raise the status and image of the movie.  If we raise the problem of co-existence of people of various ethnic,
cultural and religious backgrounds, we need to do all to popularize the movie, where this issue is raised,” said Mr. Seytablayev. 

“On the one hand it is absolutely heroic, to shoot a movie on private money, but on the other- we absolutely don’t know what to do with it”, adds Mr. Seytablayev. 

Note: ‘Haytarma’ is the first Crimean Tatar feature-length movie and the first movie about deportation of Crimean Tatars, which was released in May 2013.  The movie was shot with the means of the owner of the Crimean Tatar TV channel –ATR, Lenur Islyamov.