Famous British actor Daniel Radcliffe said he had no plans of appearing in a stage production of J.K. Rowling's megapopular saga about Harry Potter called ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’.

The 26-year old actor told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live he would not be appearing in ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ slated to open at London’s Palace Theater in 2016.  

According to Radcliffe, he decided to let some other actor play Harry Potter because events in the sequel take place 19 years after they end in the previous episode. The actor said he was too young to play the role of a grown up man with a child, adding, though, that he had difficulty seeing someone else play Harry.

“I'm getting asked a lot, 'Would you play him?' and I'm like, 'No'. Because I've done it. But it would be very weird to see someone else play him,” says Radcliffe.