Simferopol (QHA) - 14-year old high school student Bekir Ablayev has already written three books. On October 14, the Crimean Tatar library named after I. Gasprinskiy will host a presentation of the third book of the young author called “The Incredible Adventures of Little Hayser”. Bekir is a 9th grade student at high school #2 of Nizhnegorskiy district of Crimea. He is the winner of numerous republican, national and international competitions. More than 100 works of the young author have already been published. In particular, he was published in such newspapers as “Nizhnegorye”, “Voice of Crimea”, “Kirim”, “The Day” and others. “The Incredible Adventures of Little Hayser” is my third book. It tells about my observations at school”, notes Bekir. The author’s previous books contain stories and parables that he heard as a child from his grandfather Abdureshit. “The hero of the book- Hayser- is a dreamer and lazy boy. At one point he gets a magic hat. From this moment his incredible adventures begin. Thanks to the hat, Hayser becomes a better student at school, punishes school thieves, helps a sick girl… However, there comes a day to say goodbye to the magic hat. What will Hayser’s life be like after the hat is gone? Will he stay the same lazy boy or become a different person?”, says the explanation to the book. The author expresses his gratitude to Amet Volodarskiy for financial assistance in publication of the book as well as to administration of high school # 2 of Nizhnegorskiy district of Crimea for support.