Simferopol (QHA) -

Head of the Association of culture and mutual assistance of Crimean Tatars of Kocaeli town (Turkey) Ibrahim Аraci and Musical Art Department of the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University (CEPU) have implemented the project aimed at the replenishment of the CEPU Crimean Tatar folk orchestra with national instruments, a total of 15 musical instruments.

The project was initiated by professors of Musical Art Department of CEPU Dilyaver Osmanov and Rustem Komurji. Crimean Tatar magazine ‘Yildiz’ has also provided assistance in the project.

According to Komurji, all these years the development of the CEPU orchestra was impeded by lack of quality instruments. After receiving support from CEPU rector Fevzi Yakubov, professors contacted Ibrahim Araci, who organized the purchase and transportation of musical instruments to Crimea.

“I was at the concert devoted to 20th anniversary of the University. The orchestra performed at the concert. So when I was asked for assistance with provision of quality instruments for the orchestra, I agreed to help without hesitation”, said Araci.

Professors of the music department believe that replenishment of the orchestra with new musical instruments will contribute to improvement of performance and creative growth of the orchestra.

CEPU expressed its gratitude to Ibraim Araci for cooperation.

Note: The Crimean Tatar folk orchestra was founded in 2002 and includes 35 musicians. The orchestra performs musical compositions of famous Crimean Tatar and other composers along with national ethnic music. In 2009 the orchestra took the 1st place at International Festival ‘Perpetuum mobile’ in Drogobych (Ukraine).