On November 23-24, Ankara (Turkey) hosted an International Crimean Tatar festival of folk dances and music.

The festival brought together artists from different countries, in particular, from Crimea (Ukraine), Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, Tatarstan (Russia), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

Most part of the program included the performances of Crimean artists. Turkish and Romanian artists also presented a Crimean Tatar culture, which in their performance gained new features and enriched flavor of these countries.

Crimea was represented by dance ensembles “Teselli” and “Elmaz”, music ensemble “Vatan”, children’s musical theater “Tebessum”, accordionist Enver Kaishev, singers Dilyaver Osmanov, Adile Cherkezova and Guzel.

The festival was organized by Turkish Crimea Development Fund, headed by Umit Chilit.

According to Umit Chilit, the festival is organized with the purpose of preservation and development of the Crimean Tatar culture.

“We should try not to forget our language and pass on our traditions and culture to our younger generation. The aim of this festival is to introduce Crimean Tatars from different countries… to each other so they can communicate and learn more about each other… This is the first time we hold such a festival and hope to hold it annually but with a new program,” said Umit Chilit.

The event was attended by Member of Parliament of Turkey Kazim Kurt. He congratulated the participants and wished them good luck.

Groups from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Cyprus presented their unique cultures as well.