AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - The future Crimean Tatar cultural centre is the outlook to develop the Crimean Tatar culture and to attract attention to the heritage of the native people of the peninsula. How the cultural centre will assist to develop the Crimean Tatar culture? QHA addressed to those who are nearly related to the future cultural centre.
Creation of such centre is the pressing need: there is a problem of shortage of premises to keep the Crimean Tatars’ cultural heritage that preserved despite many attempts to destroy it. Many cultural workers have to wander on the leased premises and do not have possibilities to realize their creative plans in full and to preserve the invaluable exhibits.
Mr. Riza Şevqi, Director General of the Qırım Charitable Fund, states: “The nation was deprived of everything after the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars. Situation is not changed for 20 years. The state is doing nothing and when NGOs try to obtain something, the great number of barriers appears”.
Nevertheless, plans of the Qırım on development of the Crimean Tatar culture are impressive ones. The Qırım Fund is struggling for establishment of the Crimean Tatar cultural centre, the construction project of that is approved by the urban council.
According to the project of architect İdris Yunus, the centre will be five-storey building. A conference hall, showrooms, cloakroom and large vestibule will be on the ground floor. Five exhibition halls and rooms of the researchers of the Crimean Tatar Arts Museum will be located on the second floor. The museum collection will be kept in the special basement premises.
Ms. Safiye Emin, the museum manager, stresses the museum does not have the special equipped premises to keep their exhibits for years: “We are anxious about the preservation of our exhibits. We should have the restoration workshop in order to restore exhibits”. The collection of the Crimean Tatar Arts Museum consists of about 10 thousands exhibits that can not be demonstrated now.
A centre for study and development of the Crimean Tatar language with classrooms, library, etc will be on the third floor. This centre should assist to develop the informal education that will supplement the formal education.
Rooms for the youth and public organizations, editorial offices of the mass media, offices, etc will be located on the fourth floor.
A dining room, where it will be an opportunity to get to know the Crimean Tatar cuisine, art centre with dance-floor, banquet room and one more conference hall to 30 people are planned to place on the fifth floor.
It would be also noted that the static exhibition of the Crimean Tatar Artist Association will be opened on the basis of the future centre.
Thus, the future centre will fulfil partly obligations of the state to protect and develop the Crimean Tatar culture, language, art and education.