(QHA) -

Moscow to host an exhibition “Crimean mosques in old pictures”, dated for 700th anniversary of Uzbek Khan Mosque, built in XIV century in the Crimean city of Stariy Krim.

The exhibition, that will open Oct 22, was arranged by Bakhchisaray Historical and Cultural Reserve, Shihabaddin Marjani Fund for Support and Development of Scientific and Cultural Programs, as well as Archive of Russian Academy of Science and All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature.

Among the displays there are pictures, made during the archeological digs, which now are stored in Bakhchisaray Historical and Cultural Reserve and in the archive of Russian Academy of Science in Moscow. There are also pictures made in twenties of the last century, which depict Crimean mosques.

Organizers said that the main objective of the exhibition is to show mosques of Crimea, which were built in different historical periods and located in different regions.

"Our photo exhibition is unique, because a quantity and variety of Muslim religious sites of the Crimea will be presented for the first time. The exposure would help to learn the Islamic past of Crimea "- said in a statement.