AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Republican committee of ARC for interethnic relations and formerly deported citizens has excluded the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag from the list of mass cultural events planned by the governmental Programme for resettlement and development of the formerly deported citizens. Lawyer Enver Kerim informs about this in Facebook.
Refat Kenjali, head of the republican committee, answered to QHA: “It is no money. It is only for this reason. We had earlier money, it is no money now”.
But, one of organizers of the Crimean Tatar Flag Day, the leader of the NGO Yaşlar Şurası Hayder Hacımambet sees some political hidden motive in this. “The Crimean Tatar National Day is the holiday of the whole Crimean Tatar nation but not only some NGO or the Majlis (of Crimean Tatar nation – ed.), therefore, I do not understand an attitude of the republican committee”, - he stated.
According to him, earlier the governmental agency was not the main source of financing for this holiday. Mr. H. Hacımambet added: “Their financial support was very small. The event is held mostly with assistance of sponsors”.
Though, the event will take place and it will be conducted at the expense of sponsors, Mr. H. Hacımambet stressed.
Note: the Crimean Tatar National Flag Day will be conducted in Crimea on June 26. The event will be held on the Aqmescit’s central square. A programme of the celebration provides several educational and entertaining events: concert, contests, competitons, etc.