Over two years the Channel has been covering the Crimean Tatar heritage both for the Crimean Tatars and other residents speaking Ukrainian and Russian language.

The idea that popped up in 2014 as an initiative project of literary readings with the support of the public organizations "Kardashlyk" has turned into an independent media product.

- For the past years the Channel has been a central link of "Qardaşlıq." Our organization has noticed a need to create a multimedia library on the Crimean Tatar culture, as well as a platform for the creative youth development. Thus, we’ve united active youth in our project and since then, the Channel has become fully self-governing, developed its own rules and procedures for bringing in new members. The organization assists only in solving logistical issues, the rest of the issues the project team solves on its own, said the Cannel managers.

However, the authors of the project keep moving on - they plan to create an open library on the Crimean culture in multimedia format.

Photo: Internet