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Crimea will stop museum and exhibition cooperation with Europe, if the Netherlands refuse to return a collection of Scythian gold which is currently on view in Amsterdam to Crimean museums, the Crimea.

Valery Kosarev, the head of the permanent commission of the Crimean State Council for education, science, youth affairs and sport announced, ITAR-TASS reports.

“If the collection does not return to its legal owners in the near future, the question of taking any items of cultural value out of Crimea to European countries will be removed from the agenda,” Kosarev said.

“It belongs to Crimea and not Ukraine,” Kosarev emphasized.

The exhibition entitled "Crimea: Gold and Secrets of the Black Sea" was opened in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam in February this year. It was planned the exhibition will run until May 18, still the term was extended till August 2014.

 A collection of archeological finds from five Crimean museums are on display, including gold artifacts, a ceremonial helmet and valuable stones.