Anastasiya decided to write a symbolic song with an equally symbolic name ‘Vilna’ (‘Free’) after Nadezhda was prevented from delivering a final speech at the Donetsk court in Russia’s Rostov region.

“I have never dedicated a song to anyone because I’ve been singing with my soul for everyone. However, my heart is yearning to support Nadezhda. That is such a symbolic name! To me, her name stands for power, pride, defiance and victory! I am proud of you, the Ukrainian woman! I’m proud of you, the Warrior! I’m proud of you, the Woman! My song ‘Free’ is a tribute to you, Nadezhda! You’re free because of your spirit and faith, but I hope you’ll soon be home and we will sing together!” wrote Prihodko on her Facebook page.

It was reported earlier that US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt referred to Savchenko trial as farcical and outrageous.