A family exhibition “Father and Son” of the Crimean Tatar artist Ali and his son Abibulla is opened at the House of Artist, Simferopol. The exhibition will be open for 2 weeks; entrance is free. More than 40 works of Ali Bekirov, in particular portraits and landscapes are presented. His son Abibullar works in graphics style; the exhibition features 16 of his works. Ali Bekirov is a multi-faceted artists, he is not only a painter, but also the only hereditary master of the artistic treatment of wood. He made a great contribution to the Crimean Tatar art. An artist of the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama theatre Refat Seit-Ablayev said that Ali Bekirov is the main painter of the theatre. He emphasized that patriotism can be felt through all of his works.