(QHA) -

A round table dedicated to Crimean Tatar educator Ismail Bey Gasprinsky took place in Bartin University, Turkey. The event was attended by scientists, writers, social activists and journalist from different countries, such as Turkey, Kirgizstan, Kosovo, Ukraine, Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

The round table was organized by Unity of Journalists of Turkic World and the unity of journalist of Turkish city of Bartin.

The event was also attended by great grand-daughter of Gasprinsky, Crimean lecture Gulnara Seitvaniyeva, who presented a paper dedicated to Gaspinsky’s publication in comic magazine “Ha Ha Ha”, issued in 1906. Six editions of the magazine were stored in a library of Saint’s Petersburg, Russia.

Among the topics discussed during the round table there were issues on assimilation of young generation, influenced by the process of globalization. Special focus was paid to popularization of native languages.

There were also reports about Gasprinsky’s works and their value in Turkic World.