A book of British writer Lily Hyde narrating the history of Crimean Tatar deportation of 1944 ‘Dream Land’ [Crimean Tatar- Hayal Mekânı, -ed.] was presented in Simferopol June 10.

The novel, based on real events, was published in Great Britain in 2008. Later it was translated into French, Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian language.

“This is a novel about Crimean Tatars and the deportation. History of Crimean Tatars, their traditions and the deportation are described in the book”- the author Lily Hyde noted, adding that the novel was inspired by the struggle of Crimean Tatars for their Homeland.

“Crimean Tatars people have an interesting history, so I decided to share this history, that would be interesting for everyone, even those who has never been to Crimea”- she stressed.

Leylya Seytkhalilova, who translated the novel into Crimean Tatar language, said it took a year and a half to translate the book, noting the ‘Dream Land’ should be also translated into Russian and Turkish.

“The book should be translated into Russian and Turkish. This tragedy [the deportation,-ed.] must not repeat again” – she noted.

The ceremony of presentation of the book was attended by head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov and the head of Bakhchisaray rayon administration Ilmi Umerov.

The ‘Dream Land’ in Crimean Tatar language was presented in May 2014 in Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University in Simferopol.