12 countries have already announced their refusal to participate in Eurovision 2014. Among the first to refuse were Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Andorra. Then Bulgaria, citing financial reasons, confirmed its refusal as well, UNN reports citing foreign media. According to the media, representatives of Croatia, Andorra and Luxembourg noted that besides economic reasons, the interest of their countries in Eurovision was very low. Representatives of Cyprus also will not be able to attend the event due to the economic crisis in the country. Turkey should not be expected this year as well, although in the future, the country does not exclude its participation. Bosnia and Herzegovina named absence of sponsor as the reason for its refusal this year. For financial reasons, Serbia declined too. Monaco and Morocco have also stated that the contest would be held without them. To be recalled that the 59th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Denmark in May 2014. Maria Yaremchuk will represent Ukraine this year.